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Defy PETA!! 
Vacation in the destinations they say you must avoid.

HSUS Tax Filing shows it gives less than .005% of funds raised to animal shelters.
Animal care seems to be a low priority for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) these days.   

Here's where the $86 million it raised-under the guise of helping dogs and cats-went:

million on fundraising, including $4 million on professional fundraisers.

$20 million of it went to legislation and litigation ment to put farmers and ranchers out of business.  

$30.9 million in salaries, wages, and other employee compensation. HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle earned more than $250,000 in salary and benefits in 2008. Some 41 HSUS employees made at least
$100,000 last year. 

$4.7 million in grant allocations. Almost half of that went to a political campaign committee called “Californians for Humane Farms,” the main lobbying organization responsible for California’s “Proposition 2” ballot initiative.

—that’s just half of one percent of its total budget—to organizations providing hands-on care to dogs and cats. 

Some 28 cents of every dollar contributed to HSUS goes back out the door to raise more money.  You would never donate aid to a charitable organization with that much going to operations.  

When will their donors see the light?  Read More

NYC's Mayor Michael Bloomberg compares salt to asbestos.

NEW YORK CITY —  Mayor Bloomberg yesterday defended his latest nanny initiative — a controversial crackdown on salt — by comparing the simple seasoning to killer asbestos in the classroom.

"If we know there's asbestos in a school room what do you expect us to do?" Bloomberg shot back at reporters questioning his new initiative. "Say it's not our business? I don't think so. The same thing is true with food and smoking and a lot of things.

"Salt and asbestos, clearly both are bad for you," Bloomberg continued. "Modern medicine thinks you shouldn't be smoking if you want to live longer. Modern medicine thinks you shouldn't be eating salt, or sodium."

Bloomberg is pushing a plan to cut the amount of salt in packaged and restaurant foods by 25 percent over the next five years. He says the initiative is voluntary.  Read what NYC chef's think of this idea

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Required Reading
The Ominvore's Delusion
"Farming has always been messy and painful, and bloody and dirty. It still is. This is something the critics of industrial farming never seem to understand."

"The most delicious irony is this: the parts of farming that are the most “industrial” are the most likely to be owned by the kind of family farmers that elicit such a positive response from the consumer."

By Missouri Farmer Blake Hurst
July 2009


Want feral horses in your back yard?  
Read why the activists have filed suit. 

Then check out
what I have to say about it.  

Would you trade beef for bugs or chicken for crickets?
UN proposal suggests animal protein should be replaced by eating insects.

Yes the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is saying that we should switch from eating meat to eating bugs to better use our natural resources. There is a policy paper drafted by a Belgian entomologist that is under consideration.
Read more

Haven't had enough of Health Insurance Reform?
Now residents of California are trying to reform pet health insurance. 
Read More

The new anti ag lobbyists
 3rd and 4th graders 
 being encouraged to
 write DC to stop 
 "Factory Farming"
 Check out what the HSUS is doing to
 turn kids against animal agriculture.

Is Animal Rights the New Prohibition?
Thoughtful article from Indiana Farmer Darrell Boone about the similarities of the anti "factory farm" agenda and prohibitionists of the last century.

And he discusses the unintended consequences that could come if today's activists push their will on society.

Read the Blog

For very different reasons...                   
Many Vegans hate the HSUS and PETA
I always assumed that all vegans and vegetarians would be card carrying members of the Humane Soceity of the United States (HSUS) and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).  Boy was I wrong.

Click to our blog to see what an animal abolitionist has to say about these groups.  

Racketeering Lawsuit Fingers Humane Society of the United States
Multi-Million Dollar Animal Rights Group Accused of Corruption
Washington – In a landmark RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) lawsuit certain to have far-reaching implications for the animal rights movement, Feld Entertainment and the Ringling Brothers circus sued the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), its lawyers, and several other animal rights groups last week.

The nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) unearthed the lawsuit in federal court records. CCF is making the lawsuit available online at its newest website,

In its February 16 lawsuit, Feld leveled bribery, fraud, obstruction of justice, and money laundering charges against HSUS and two of its corporate attorneys; three other animal rights groups; the Washington, DC law firm of Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal; and all three of that firm’s named partners. 

Click here for additional commentary/background on the Ringling case.

Everyone in Ag should support this documentary
Not Evil Just Wrong The True cost of the Global Warming Hysteria

Filmaker Ann McElhinney crafts a story that will make even the most ardent climate change believer take note.  The film which examines the devastating consequences of the global warming hysteria.

The film highlights the tragic consequences of the first triumph of the environmental movement, the ban on DDT, which has needlessly resulted in the deaths of more than 40 million children and adults in the developing world.  She understands what is at risk for industry and agriculture like nobody I have run across. 

Learn more and see when screenings are coming up in your area at this website.  It's a must see. 

I will have more commentary on the facts presented soon. 

George Strait out--Kelis In
R&B singer gives PETA a few reasons she's going to wear fur and eat meat.

I've never heard this artist sing, but she's my new favorite--sorry George--because she told PETA off. 

How many stars do that?
Click here to read the letter she sent to PETA telling them to get a life and support some causes that help people instead of rodents. 

We need to support stars that stand up to groups like PETA and the HSUS.

Did Oklahoma State bow to animal activists? 
A commotion erupted when Oklahoma State University (OSU) cancelled an anthrax research project.  Word in the blog world is that it’s because a big donor is a big animal activist.  


The HSUS Names Top 12 State Legislative Achievements in Animal Protection
Watch out they're coming soon to a state near you. 

Apparently eating meat makes me a murderer, pervert, hypocrite and more bad names?  
Who Knew?

I used to just ignore animal activists when they started spouting off.  

But I'm beginning to think that's why they've gotten so far out of hand. 

So I picked a fight with one who calls anyone eating meat a murderer, pervert and hypocrite.  See the transcript day 1 on and day 2  my blog.  

Every time I  gave her a fact about eating meet she didn't dispute it.  She just called me a murderer again.  

Update:  as of April 2010, I've also been called retarded, shallow, an asshole for tweeting about the myths in Food, Inc. and a factory farmer.  The most original title: "Slave of Satan" was slapped on me for eating meat.
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