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I want people eating more beef but not because the egg and chicken industry is under attack by HSUS
Wayne Pacelle himself narrated as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) recently released footage of egg-laying hens caught up in what it calls "suffering on massive factory farms" in Iowa.

Reports are that the ag media in the state wasn't allowed into the room where the press conference was being held.  This is how they fight back now that the ag industry is no longer silent about their methods and motives.

Read Wayne's Blog about what the poultry industry should do.

Sir Paul, You shouldn't  blame cows for climate change

UC Davis Associate Professor and Air Quality Specialist Frank Mitloehner says that Paul McCartney and the chair of the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ignored science last week when they launched a European campaign called "Less Meat = Less Heat."

"Smarter animal farming, not less farming, will equal less heat," Mitloehner said. "Producing less meat and milk will only mean more hunger in poor countries."

Mitloehner traces much of the public confusion over meat and milk’s role in climate change to two sentences in a 2006 United Nations report, titled "Livestock's Long Shadow."

Printed only in the report's executive summary and nowhere in the body of the report, the sentences read: “The livestock sector is a major player, responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions measured in CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalents). This is a higher share than transport.”

These statements are not accurate, yet their wide distribution through news media have put us on the wrong path toward solutions, Mitloehner says.  Read the entire article

10 Dem. Senators write to Pres. Obama about climate
"Any climate change legislation must prevent the export of jobs and related greenhouse gas emissions to countries that fail to take actions to combat the threat of global warming comparable to those taken by the United States," the senators write.
Read More at The

Particulate Matter--why you need to pay attention to a new proposed rule change.
There's an 1800 page document circulating in Washington DC relating to how much particulate matter your operation puts in the air.

Dust, smoke, organic matter, stuff that floats around in the air above a feeding facility, farm or pasture when you burn in the spring is all addressed in this document.  Write 1800 pages and you can address anything.

Livestock and farming organizations are paying attention to this.  You need to start looking for talk about this too.  We're going ot want a loud and united voice when this thing comes up for discussion.  

The document proposes a 90% reduction in the amount of particulate mater your operation can kick up.   
More to come. 

Coming soon to a pond or puddle near you--the Feds

Since 1972, the clean water act applied only to “navigable" waterways.  Bills currently working through congress seek to delete that term. If this happens, state and local governments and private property owners  won't be in control of thier own water resources. 


Passage of these bills means every pond, stream, creek bed, drainage ditch, prairie pothole, drain tile or other wet spots that might contain water will be under control of the feds.  Think environmental restrictions are tough now??  You ain't seen nothin. 

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