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PurdueChicken Rules may have Unintended Consequences
The campaign to free egg-laying hens from cramped cages and shift them to pens animal rights advocates call more humane could be poised to unintentionally boost deaths among those birds.

Read an editorial from Drovers Journal.
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Cap and Trade  Waxman-Markey

Texas A&M Study showing cattlemen, others won't benefit from carbon offsets 

Analysis from the Heritage Foundation show the total cost for a family of 4 under Waxman-Markey is $2,979 annually from 2012-2035. By 2035 alone, the total cost is over $4,600.
Ag will be among the hardest hit industries.  Higher gasoline and diesel  costs, higher electricity costs,  fertilizer costs all erode profits, which are already expected to drop by 28 percent in 2012 and average 57 percent lower through 2035.
There is a wealth of information at including item by item cost projections.

Raising hogs in doors healthier for pigs and people
Some anti-meat groups would have you believe that confinement is bad for animals-period.  This report from the University of Missouri tells a different story.
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